Head start

April 27, 2012

4 years ago, my main objective of putting up a blog is to practice writing. I just wanted to see if I do have this hidden skill. But then I stumbled upon the micro-blogging site Tumblr. At first, I still try to write essays but then I figured out that Tumblr's set up isn't really for such kind of posts. So I later on diverted it into a Photo journal.

One day, while I'm on the thesis stage- preoccupied with all school stuff and all, an idea popped into this brain. I want a new blog. Well, It's hard to abandon an old blog especially when you already invested a lot of memories in it. But since I am going to start my new life in few months, (Oh, real world, don't be so harsh please.) I'll treat this as my spring cleaning. A fresh start of everything. 

I've found love in blogging. It's the combination of the two things that makes me very happy- Writing and Taking photos. I'll do my best to make every post worth reading and seeing.

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