Corner Revamp!

May 17, 2012

Red X MonoChrome

Since I will be staying again at our house, I decided to change the look of my little corner. 

Reason for the color scheme: I tried to incorporate it with the existing furniture within the room which is maroon. And I've observed that there are lot of red stuff within the place so instead of replacing them (which can cost me more), I just go with it. 

It's still incomplete. That black wall before became a backdrop for some of my works but I find them too colorful for the theme I chose so I have to took them down.

I also have to replace the cork board. I want it to be more minimalist this time. But look, I recycled the old one. See the small red panels? Those are cork board cutouts painted with acrylic. 

Inspiration. Must keep this in mind. 

The B/W photo wall is retained.

Oh, Hi there Mr. Conan Edogawa. He has been in the box for a long time ever since I bought it two years ago. 

It's actually for people here at the house who kept asking me where to find things. 

Found this quote on the internet. It's from Jhumpa Lahiri's book "The Namesake" (which I haven't read yet)

That's the thing about books. 
They let you travel without moving your feet.

I actually have an extended 'place' since the desktop is located at the other corner (as seen on the sidebar photo) and I use it all the time. This cabinet is located behind that corner. It contains mostly "Arki" stuff.

I am thinking of incorporating my corner's scheme to the whole room. Planning to paint that wall from Peach to Black and White as well.

And as a start, I made a 3-panel wall decor.

-Leftover foam board from school projects.
-Sew-less adhesive
-Fabric (It was supposed to be 3 different fabrics but I can't find other deigns with black and white print)

Tip: Iron the fabric first before glueing it on the foam board.

Ta-Da! I'm planning to put it at the wall where the computer table is located.

       I'll try to work on the rest of the room as soon as possible.

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  1. Really artistic, I love it. Are you an artist?
    Where are you from?
    How to make a nice blog like yours?

    1. Hi Etsu. Thank you very much for that compliment. I'm from the Philippines, by the way. Hmm regarding the blog. I just get some inspirations all over the internet haha! and some personal ideas as well. :D

  2. Aha good to see you Sar :) sorry for the very very late reply o,o" I'm not this active in blog for couple years ><" Even I've just realized about your reply because of Google today ><" I'm very sorry!