May 16, 2012

Pardon for the handwriting. It's freezing cold when I was scribbling that. Result of Cold drink + low temperature + not-so-well-feeling.

Early this afternoon, I went out to claim my printed portfolio at the printing shop. Then  went straight ahead at a nearby cafe. My eyes shut to a magazine rack at the corner. I saw an issue ArchiKonst- another architectural and construction magazine. Hoping to find possible architectural firms, although I already have prospective offices in my list, I scanned through the pages.

Shown above are some of the quotations I've noted while browsing articles. I suddenly feel like I have to take note of things I find interesting. Before, I believed that as long as you understand something, you can remember it. But it proved me wrong several times. So now, entering the field where you need to pay much attention to details, I guess a pocket notebook and a pen would be good companions.

And as what the chinese proverb said
"The palest ink is better than the sharpest memory." >> With memory- I think it both points out to brain and gadget.

Still under that title- "details". I'm starting to be an architecture freak again- in a positive way. Looking at the materials, how they are being  connected, the ceiling, the floor, the windows and all. Seems like I'm starting again. Hoping to keep this "high" all the way through the apprenticeship period (which as of now, I still don't know when will start) But.. I'm planning to send emails next week. I would like to finish all these personal clutters before taking the giant leap to adulthood.

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