An era in summary

May 16, 2012

(Let the photos talk)
It all started with..

and then this..  

in the midst of life and death. what to choose?

16th of April 2007
I took the chance.

A half a decade experience started at the 7th floor. 
Receiving this single sheet of paper was like a ticket to a whole new destination I might have an idea on where it will take me but clueless on what will be on the passage.

It's all hidden in this corn-colored paper

Overview of the journey

Our world revolved our this six letter word.

Year One: The Period of adaptation.
The most unforgettable conversation that stuck in my mind.
Classmate A: Tapos na rin! (After finishing the last plate in Design 1)
Classmate B: Umpisa palang yan, may 9 pa.

               Year Two: The 'Still-trying-to-cope-up' year

compared to year one, we're still getting used to deadly plates but somehow starting to be aware on how to play the game.

Year Three: The Steady Year.

can now manage our time. Fun + Work.
My favorite year, next to the finale. So much happenings.

Year Four: The 'Be Prepared' year.

getting ready for the ultimate test of survival. 

Finale: The 'What-the-Hell' year.

Despite the roller coaster of emotions and mind-and-gut-turning events, this would probably the most precious year of them all. And for the highlight, no other than The Run. It's the most magical night of my entire stay at the university. 

Fast pacing towards the gateway of knowledge and years of memories. 
Everything stopped. Flashbacks. No words can describe the feeling under that very place.

College memory box. Storage for trinkets that I have collected for the entire five years.

From being a student, I am now an Alumni of my University. 
Five years! And now it's over.
So long, College that never sleeps.

two precious cards

And to wrap it up.


Real world?
Challenge Accepted!

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