For the love of LOMO

May 31, 2012

Yes, after a year of hiatus in the world of experimental a.k.a just go shoot photography, my love for you had been regained. But why now? such a wrong time. I'm too broke to enjoy this hobby.

So, last week I had processed my 2 rolls of "inaamag" film. The Photo shop told me that I have to wait for a week before I could get it. Before, I only waited for 30 mins. to an hour or two. But the longer, I wait, the more it excites me.

 That, actually is the most fun part of analog photography. You'll never know how the photos will turn out. 

Early this evening, I dropped by the shop to claim it. Fortunately, most photos are OK! plus it's my first time to use Redscale. I can't wait to see it in JPG format. 

A year old rolls of films
As the next step of going back on this hobby, I organized the processed ones

Canisters of beauty trapped in neagatives

ratio of the use of Fisheye to Holga

The reason:

I have to ruin 3 rolls of films before getting used to it because my Holga's winder is so "pa-hard-to get". So instead to ruining another roll, I just rarely use it.  

Three Unused films: Fuji Superia 400 // Fuji Neopan // Redscale 
Actually, they're five. 2 are already loaded in the camera. The one's Lucky ISO 200, the other one is.. I can't remember. :))

Must. Travel. Around. The. Metro. Now so I can use them.
I could say that my favorite subject is City scape. I find urban chaos so interesting.

Inside the fridge. They look like specimens in a lab

Wait, look at this!
Prettyyyyy!!!! *Droooools* 


oh, LC-A+. You're forever a dream. Why do you have to be so expensive?? You're worth a new laptop!

Ok, I'm totally getting random now. I'm gonna stop. 

Just 3 last words:

I love Lomo!

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