Late Escapade

May 20, 2012

May 18.

Together with my mother's office mates, we headed south to enjoy the last days of summer. 

It's already 4pm when we got there. Perfect time for swimming. Too bad I wasn't able to join them because of certain events. Well, it turned out good 'cause I was able to take photos. 

Went back to the cottage after sunset. We spent the whole night eating. With all those fruits on the table, I just can't stand and leave. :))

lighting inside the room. It goes well with it's background. It's actually a concrete wall covered with "banig".
The next day.

Woke up around 6 o'clock am. Took the breakfast and then wait for others. I thought we will just go snorkeling. But then I overheard the boat man that we are   also visiting an island. It was a former location of a local TV show.

We had an almost 15-minute boat ride before reaching the island. It was my second time to ride a boat and I'm starting to love the sea.

The rock formations, the sea green tuning into blue green and to clear water, the sky, and the wild plants created a perfect combination that made it such an spectacular place.

After an hour there, we had a boat ride again going to the snorkeling area. Too bad, I don't have an underwater camera. I wasn't able to capture the colorful school of fishes. 

Fun, weekend indeed. I'll definitely visit this place again.

That's how my summer was completed.
(Funny how by the time we got home, it started to rain, up until now. It really is the end of summer)

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