Manila Stroll

May 26, 2012

Last Thursday, we had our so-called Field trip postgrad edition. 
10 am was our call time. As usual, there should always be someone who's late and that time, It was Noel. So, I waited for them at &eleven- which used to be our "tambayan" back in '06. 

We arrived at Lawton exactly lunch time. I was planning to take them to Binondo to try Authentic Chinese food but it was more convenient for us to eat at SM Manila since the jeepney we're taking is also at that area. Sayang!
Pizza hut's Feast for 4: Bolognese Spaghetti with meatballs // Salad with Caesar dressing // Hawaiian Pizza // Hot Potatoes. 

Next stop: Mendiola. Accompanied Jayvee to submit his credentials at San Beda. Knowing that he is going to med school, a part of me is a little envious. (downside of a frustrated doctor) 

And then: Intramuros. As I told you, it was our 'field trip'. So we went back to places that we tend to overlook before. Before taking a walk, we waited for Grace at Mcdo for almost 30 mins. (I have to endure seeing two of my hatest things: McDo and Xian Lim- sorry fans, I'm just not into fake foods and "white boy-next-door" type)

Decided to walk since we found out that Grace was still at the boarding house. 

Photos around Casa Manila while waiting. My motto for that day. "Have an eye for little things" thus, these shots.

details at the wall of casa

contrast of the eaves' ceiling, terra cotta roof and the sky.
the pioneer doorbell 
my favorite street in Intramuros because of the cobble stones
Most of my photos during the walk are on film. I just have to use it and have it proccess already. It resides in my camera for almost a year now. As far as I can remember, the last time I used it was during Cinemalaya. Oh lomography, I miss you!

Next: Philstar Office at Port Area. Dropped by there to meet Joanne. Haven't seen her for 2 years now, I think. 

Last stop: Rizal park. The mother of all field trip itinerary. Stayed there 'til dark for the dancing lights. The musical show and fountain is impressive. But I still feel uneasy on some part of the park. I find it dark despite the number of street lamps. Plus the seats around the fountain are quite uncomfortable- sorry if I am being critical.

No guards. Time to sneak at the railings. ssshhhh. (it was all scripted!)
Before going home, We ate our dinner at Chicboy U.N ave. I ate rice again after a month. (haha!) Good thing the LRT station is far, we can burn the calories. (pssshh, o c'mon. I'm not conscious )

It was the two of us (Noel and me) who were left to travel back to Laguna because Grace has a class the next day, Jayvee left earlier because of church stuff and Joanne still has an OJT work. The moment when you're with Noel- with his beki words, an hour travel is just a 15-minute ride. 

I had fun bonding with 4 of my favorite people. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Whenever I am with them, I feel like those old days in high school-where things are not that complicated. And what I love so much about them is that they appreciate simple things in life. We don't need to spend much to enjoy. All we need is each other's company. *So cheesy* I really miss being with those kind of people. 

Friends for 6 years now, and still counting.

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