So long, dorm life.

May 02, 2012

On June of the year 2007, after 16 years, I've finally earned my Pre-adult badge. I got the chance to live on my own. 

I've spent my entire life living in the laid-back South of Luzon. So adapting to this complicated kind of living is way too hard. For Almost 6 days a week, Manila's clean blanket of air travel through my lungs. My ears were bombarded by the noise from vehicles, people, construction work, etc. Oh, city life.

Eloisa Street where I spent my entire college life. If you happen to be around UST, you'll be familiar with it.
 It's just the small street next to P.Noval
I went to 3 different dormitories which are few steps away from each other. 

First, The yellow-turned-cream-turned to I have no idea-colored dorm. I only stayed there for a semester since our room cannot handle two" almost 30 X 40 drafting tables". 2 Archi students in a 2x2 room. Impossibru.

Next, the 5B. Well, that's our unit number. Stayed here for 3 1/2 years. It was the most jam-packed when it comes to memories and of people? I remember the most number of visitor we had at the same time was when we did our ES assignment. 20++, I think.

Lastly, the 2402. It was my thesis haven. It housed all the stressed I've felt in that Hell Year.

Hazel, the pioneer room mate
Dinner at the rooftop. The 5b Room mates- Kamel, Agnes and Steph.
Random things I learned in living in a second home..

1. Carinderia food is better than Fast food but nothing beats the dorm-made especially the experimental ones.

2. Potatoes, after a month or two of stay in the fridge, can be a living plant (Yes! with roots and leaves)

3. Climbing stairs all the way to  fourth floor with an average of 3 to 4 times a day - for 3 years won't reduce your weight.

4. A creepy story plus a sudden brownout can increase your agility that will let you glide from bedroom to living room in just a  millisecond.

5. When the stomach talks, any circumstances will be unconsidered. i.e, flood, time pressure..

6. Lot of form of entertainment are available when the mainstream ones are out. i.e., singing the school's hymn and tourism jingle on the loop.

7. The magic word "tara?" (with other variations such as "tar" and a simple stare) can bring you to places.

8. Productivity starts at 10pm.

9. Expect the unexpected

10. One of the best part of living in a dorm is the development of roommate relationship to friendship. 

I had my two-part moving out series: Good bye, Dorm Life last week
It was 4am of a Saturday, I woke up in a dim light. Took the books out of the shelves, packed the clothes, removed the photos and cork board on the wall. Just like in the movies, doing all these stuff created flashbacks. It was sort of nostalgic.

Yes, Departing may be one of the saddest thing that a person may encounter. But then my mind carries a subliminal meaning into leaving that somewhat excites me. I'm thinking all the time that ending one experience will give way to a new adventure. So, there's no reason to be sad. After all, I still got memories. 

Ready to go.
 I've invested a lot of stuff. Now the new problem is, where will I store these at our home?
Last room number

Ending this apprenticeship of independence, I'll throw life a question.
Where's next?

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  1. Anonymous23 May, 2015

    this makes me smile. the dorm I lived in when I was a student (a hundred years ago! haha) was directly across the p. noval gate. sometimes I wonder if it's still there/if it still exists...

  2. What were the names of the places you stayed at?

    1. Hi! At 918 eloisa (adjacent the rear of iTower P.Noval) and Metro Suites (Same street)