May 02, 2012

every girl should have the best pair of shoes because it is the one which will bring her to places 
-Toudou Shizuka of Hana Yori Dango.

I am not sure of the exact words, yet it is the meaning she wants to express.

As of today, I have ___ pair of shoes. I wonder If I already got the best pair that will being me to the places I want. the places that I wish to visit ever since I was a little kid. Have I already purchased the pair that will fulfill my dream of becoming a wanderer? before answering my question, i'll let you go on to my "must-visit places" list. I chose them not for their aesthetics only but because of the experiences

SINGAPORE. When I was at my 8th year here on earth, one of my favorite TV show is Sineskwela. There is this one episode wherein they visited this place with a cool science discovery center- and being a science geek before, that place is haven. from that moment, I promised to myself that I will visit this place when I grow up. As time goes by, I appreciate this country more and more. Especially now that I am an architecture student, Singapore is one home of the best structures in the world. Although, I didn't have a chance to join the tour of our college last semester, I know I'll be visiting it soon.

The movie gladiator has a lot to do with this dream. Plus, the historical feel when you're at this place will let you travel through time. The rustic colors of the stones brings back the memories of the ancient scholars and artist that walks that same path as you do. I can't wait to vist thy nostalgic avenues of thee.

SANTORINI GREECE. White. Serene. Away from the chaotic atmosphere of the Urban. That is how I describe this island. Surrounded by the waters of the Aegean sea, you will feel relaxed in this laid back community. No more questions why I love this place.

ALCATRAZ. The Prison. I find this very mysterious and creepy at the same time. but those characteristics make me more excited. adventure awaits once you set your feet in this secluded island.

221B BAKER ST. LONDON. Every Sherlock Holmes fan knows and wants to see this. Need I say more?

It has the extremes of both worlds. The merge of modernity-found in Tokyo and preserve culture-found in Kyoto makes it more interesting. And for anime-enthusiast like me, it is a place to visit before you die. The feeling of going through the streets, mountains and spots that you only see in the OVA's is irreplaceable.Plus the fact that you are going to experience what you're favorite characters experienced. *sigh* I wanna go there! Dewa sono toki ni Nihon ^^~

PHILIPPINES. There's no place like home. I wanted to roam around the Philippines either by air, by water, or even by feet. But there is this specific place in our country that I've always wanna see.

So to answer the question: not yet. BUT still, those shoes already brought me to places I never thought I would appreciate. Even if I don't acquire that "so called best shoes", It won't hinder the wanderlust in me and I know I can check all the boxes in my list 'cause I have the best pair of feet with me.

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  1. I feel so nostalgic when you mentioned this quote. I remember Hua Ze Lei's GF Chin said this line in Meteor Garden I. And then again, when I watched Hana Yori Dango both the manga in animation as well as the Japanese Drama, I once again heard this timeless quote. Thanks so much for sharing!