The Unphotoshopped Effect

June 05, 2012

It's my first time to use a Red scale film so I was very much psyched to scan this roll. 

Some of the outputs. 

As far as I can remember- I was using a Normal setting for these shots. It created darker shades of red- more of a monochromatic effect.

My Friend, Noel while crossing the Mendiola footbridge
Did some Multi-exposure for this.
And for these, I used Bulb setting with longer exposure. Original colors are more visible but with sepia effect. The problem with this is that the photos will become blurred if you have shaky hands. But then Lomography is experimental- so those flaws can be the photo's strength.

I was actually walking while capturing this shot. Now that's Photowalk! 
One of the streets at Intramuros
At Laiya, Batangas. Double exposure of Rock formations and Ate Hazel.
So that's it, The Fisheye 2 X Redscale 50-100 Combination. Will try to pair it with Holga next time.

For more sets- you can check it out here: link
I am still learning this craft, so pardon the failed photos. 

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