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June 03, 2012

At the last phase of my student life, I found a new best friend who's with me During one of the toughest time of my life. Let me introduce him to you. Meet "black book". Almost every ideas that were squeezed out of my brain were transferred in this reliable sheets of paper. 

So without further adieu, let's take a peek in this rough draft.

Note: Heavy photos after the break.

First page (technically, it's the second page but you know, It has been a tradition to intentionally leave the first page blank) :)

The people whom I took initial ideas about animation. They are the people behind the CGI film "RPG: Metanoia". Here they are: link

New notebook = clean handwriting. In my case, it's limited to the first 5 pages.

The serious stuff.
What you have here are the list of spaces for that project. I actually spent 7-8 pages for this because kept writing it over and over. Whenever I feel that this one belongs to this group, I repeat it. 

Vertical zoning. I designed a 19-storey structure for this thesis so it's easier for me to visualize the relation of each department if I make something like this.

Bubble Diagrams. These are actually a free diagram that you make before starting a plan. It indicates where each space will be located considering its zoning and accessibility.

Organizational charts. It includes all the users of the project. It is usually used to indicate the hierarchy of the spaces so that you will have an idea of its location and how much area you will allocate for those spaces.

One of the main goal of doing a thesis is to search for solutions for your chosen problem. Here are some of the researches that quite helped me on my study.
GreenPix is a zero energy media wall that uses solar power to operate the LED lights. Know more about this here. Link

So what I have here is the computation on how many solar panels will I be needing for a certain wall.

This one's.. I think, for rainwater collection?

I was doing an animation complex so I need to understand the creativity process of a person. 

research about workspaces

Early library notes- which I didn't actually applied.

Diagrid. It's a construction technique that minimize/eliminates the use of interior columns in a structure. It's my design focus O____O The most bloody topic that I tried to understand. 

This won't be complete if there were no drawings.

While working on a computer and manually, tendencies are you're gonna end up mixing up the two. 

I remember drafting on a paper and when I drew a wrong line I did the undo move on my left hand (Ctrl = ring finger + Z = pointer). And it happened more than once. *What is sabaw*

Some of the elevation studies. The initial ones still have vague concepts. It really is hard to start something, but once you're on the right track- you will be doing good. But there are still chances that you'll experience "blocks".

This one looks like a domino. Well my "supposed" to be concept for that is a flipbook. K. Failed translation. 

another sketches. Concept? moving lines, i think.

looks like a scorpion. :))

More concrete concept.

I did more modifications in here before coming up on the final elevation. I'll show it to you once I finished the online portfolio.

I just love lines. 

Since I wasn't able to apply "the flip book" on the structure itself, I just used it on the concept.

digital version of ImaginEmpire's logo.
Oh, wait. Before I forgot. Here's the site. It's located at Filinvest Corporate City in Alabang.
I dunno why I drew it that way but it's actually triangular. This is my initial ideas doe the complex but had a lot of changes. After plotting the TCT, I found out that there's a "proposed" interior lot at the middle of the site. 

Aside form those sketches and serious notes, this also contains a lot of rants.

Just so you know, the last 3 months has been an emotional roller coaster for us. There are times that I felt like giving up. The same sentiments from fellow thesis students helped me to feel that I am not alone.(Thank God for Twitter and Facebook).

This is the first time that I've experienced to sleep while seating for a whole week. Yes! 7 days? or more? This black book served as my pillow so..

Screw you, designer's block.  

Architecture. Translate/Show/Say it with the use of lines? Here you go.

Have I told you that we have that countdown 'til the endorsement day on facebook before. And it was first posted during Christmas Vacation. How enticing was that? 

So to keep up with the schedule, you need this. Check a.k.a "mataranta ka" List. It's up to you to follow it or not. In my case? hmm. Better not ask :))

My super duper ultimate wish that time.

And thank God, I was able to finish it.

This notebook will definitely be a part of my college memory box. It's like the hell year compacted in one book.

Good luck to those who are going to have their thesis this year. 

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  1. Thanks for this post Sar. Wish me luck. :)) Friuli muna tayo before my hell year.

    1. hahaha binasa mo ba lahat? :)) Excited na ako mag-next week ;)