Oh Weekend!

June 10, 2012

Lot of things happened last this week. I had my very first job interview, got hired and currently undergoing workplace adjustment. Everything revolves around my career path and I need to balance that by keeping my social life alive :))

So this weekend, I met up with my High school friends. (I love living in the South again, I feel so connected with them)

Our meeting time was 3pm. But I went there earlier 'cause I wanna buy everything that I need to buy before they came. 

I decided to stay at SBC because I love their playlist the last time I was there. But then unluckily, they aren't playing any music that time (or maybe I was just at the wrong spot that I wasn't able to hear it- I dunno.) I stayed there 'til past 4 and then meet up the friends at the bookstore. 

I'm still at lesson 26 :(
They were supposed to buy school stuff but there was a pool of people- I'm talking about last-minute shopping. So we roamed around the mall while waiting for 6:30pm. Went up and down the escalators, walk and talk, and repeat.

Festi's famous carousel. :))
It was almost 7pm- one of my favorite time of the day: DINNER! and yet we still can't decide where to eat. So we suggested why not go to ATC instead where there are more choices.

We decided to walk from Festival to ATC. I can't remember if it was me who suggested that which was both a good and a bad idea.

Bad: Imagine us walking with empty stomach. 
Good: We were able to explore this part of FCC.

(P.S. The photos are in B/W because the berry phone's camera quality is not that great.) 

Let the walk begin.

We exited at the Commerce ave. (Chef Avenue Area)- It's the most accessible area if you want to go to Town 'cause you only have to drive/walk a straight path.

waiting for the stop light. 
halfway there
Acacia Hotel. I like their lobby- it seems so spacious.
FCC actually has the potential of becoming like Bonifacio Global City. I find the area walkable (large shaded sidewalks) but too unsafe especially at night because  of the number of vacant lots and the distances of built establishments.

FInally, ATC! at lifestyle strip.
But then we changed our mind again. So meaning, another walk. 
Went to Soderno instead. I'm psyched to visit it for a long time. But every expectations has an equivalent reality. My reality was so disappointing. The choices of food were small. I think there were only 15 stalls that time?

Oh, well. At least Manang's Chicken is there :)

We love carbs, cholesterol and carcinogens.
Food buddies
Our vanity started to strike that night. 

(look at that cafe behind us. It seems so interesting at the inside. And most of all, Cakes and drinksssss!!! I must tell this to my bittersweet buddy, May Ann. :) Le Petit Cheri, noted!)

I also have my version of this photo. Oh how we love those post lights. :) link

After eating and camera vanity, we went back to Town to have another round of camera vanity :))

We did a remake of this photo- same location. The funny thing is, when I was browsing my archives of photos 'cause I was looking for this one, I found out that both photos were taken exactly two years apart. June 9! How cool was that? :)

portrait version
favorite part of the mall. 
*cough* CBTL *cough*
Who wouldn't fell in love with these lights?

And we took advantage of it, of course.

Arrived home 1 minute before Cinderella Time. Sakto! That actually is the most late time I came home. (well, dorm is not counted though)

'til next time folks. :)

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