June 07, 2012

Last Wednesday, I had my first job interview. It is usually necessary to present your Portfolio, and guess what, I forgot to present mine. HAHA!

Well at least I have a documentation of my works as student. 

Here's the printed version of my portfolio. I actually got disappointed when I saw it printed. The background color of the pages turned out so bright that it cannot be clearly seen. Plus, they wrongly cut some of the pages. OC.

As much as I wanted to make it more "artsy", people from the field suggested that it should still look "professional". P.S I am staring to love orange. 

Selected works. 

2nd to 3rd year renderings :)) I miss VT!
Concept: Weightlessness. 

The only reason of selecting this one is because of the color. It reminds me of the Simpson house. 

This was my favorite plate. I kinda enjoy planning an airport- even though that time, I haven't entered one yet. :) Plus, we had an overnight at our dorm during our "cramming" time which made it memorable.

Last plate before thesis. 

A group work! I was assigned to plan the "Main building"

I've worked on this days before I layout the portfolio. I kinda feel that I need to present a residential project.  

Random Interiors. The first 3 were school plates (for our CADD class) the second on the left was our "digitally renovated" living area, The last one was just a practice render- used 'pure' Vray for that and I swear, my PC was on the point of giving up while rendering it.

And of course, the Thesis. my beloved ImaginEmpire. I included almost all the sheets but not all the plans- It's just too many. I'm actually psyched to present this once again. But, I don't even had a chance to show it. Thanks to this intimidation
 There you have it. I might put up an online version of this one of these days. I just need to re-layout it first. :)

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  1. Super like it! Ganda Sar!

  2. Nice work! :) where do you currently work? am an alumni of UST too! :)

    1. Thank you :) I am working at Javier Design Studio in Alabang. :) Good to know that you're from UST,too. May I know what batch? :D