June 23, 2012

Weekend = Meet up with friends.
And scheduled for this week is my college closest friends with their someone. 
 Day dedicated for food, intervention and reminisce. 

Vanessa (Too bad, she didn't brought anyone), The very independent ME :)), Agnes and Pao <3 (The most promising couple)

Haz and Hans- The best couple, according to Haz :)
Haz texted me I where I was because our our agreed time was 12pm. I was already at the MRT that time and surprisingly, Haz and Hans was riding the same train. At different area, though. 

While waiting for the others, we stayed somewhere at the mall and had a little talk about on what's happening with our lives for the past month. 

By the time the 3 arrived, we decided to eat lunch at Banana leaf- Restaurant that serves Southeast Asian cuisine.

I've noticed this ceiling and I wanted to have a black version of this. Though I have know idea where to use it. :))

Detailed ceiling of Banana leaf
 As I've said, day is dedicated for food. Hence, the photos.

Thai Iced Tea
Roti Canai
Nasi Goreng

Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes
Charcoal Grilled Sliced Pork Steak Thai Style
Malayan Beef Rendang
The verdict: 
The Thai iced tea and the Roti Canai (bread) kinda suit my taste buds. The others were just okay but I find the servings so small. It doesn't justify the price for 2-3 servings- as what they've said. 

After eating, we had a little walk to look for a 'tambayan' for our next agenda: intervention. After taking several rounds inside the mall, we found ourselves seating at the coffee shop and then the intervention and 'kwentuhan' began. :))

Around 3 or 4 pm, we decided to go to our number on the list that day- Friuli  Tratorria at Maginhawa st.

A small restaurant that serves Italian cuisine.

Italian Soda. 
 As how Haz described this- It's a soda with a kick of coffee. I already let go of drinking softdrinks but I wanted to try something new. :)

Drinks Menu at the corner.
Sunset peeking at the second floor window

The combination of Cheese and Meat is good but adding that "sidedish" (carrots, corn and green peas) is kinda off. I think it ruined the taste of the pizza.

But the best combo of the day was the eating + chitchat. Talked about "Gross" moments, professors, school stuff and all. Fun day as always.

Cheese steak Pizza
Went home around 7pm. I love seeing small restaurant signs and windows at night. Especially at this street where the are a lot of them. I am looking forward to try these other hole-in-the wall food haven.

 'Til next weekend. 

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  1. Love love love, it's fun to be with you guys! -from the best couple, :))

    1. Ang arte talaga :)) Next time dance revo na :D