Worthy Saturday

June 18, 2012

Break from all computer works. 

This weekend, I chose to dedicate this day for Film and Literature. And the best person to be with when it comes to this matter is my Childhood Friend, Micah.

MRT again! I feel so "anime" every time I rode the train. Especially that day were I wore long socks. HAHA So, I went down at Shaw Boulevard Station since our meeting place was in Shangri-la Mall. It's the usual venue for the International film festivals screenings- most of them are FREE!

As much as I wanted to watched all the movies schedule that day, we only have to choose the 12pm screening since we have to attend a talk on the afternoon.

Le Refuge (Hideaway). After watching this, I came to realize that there's more to France aside from Paris. The setting is so beautiful. 

1:30pm. We dropped by at Megamall 'cause of Toycon. I would love to see people in costume. It might inspire me to try it even once (But I have no guts to do that, yet)

Family Cosplayers
3pm. We passed by Cubao as we took the bus going to Kamuning. I remembered a columnist who called this "Ugly Art". I think old people should learn to appreciate Modern Art and realize that Art should not be only confined in frames.

4pm. Chef's Bistro in Tomas Morato. Attended a talk about Children's Literature. It's kinda awkward but interesting to be with people in different field. for this day- Freelance Writers.

Storyteller for that day- Micah.

Mud paintings displayed on the restaurant's wall. I would like to make a separate blog about Chef's Bistro. Maybe next time since I haven't had a chance to actually dine here. 

Excited for next weekend. 

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