One Rainy Sunday

July 29, 2012

A week ago, I went on a date with myself. Oh what's new? HAHAHA

At first, I was just planning to catch "Kamera Obskura"- a Cinemalaya entry which was scheduled at 4pm. Luckily, I arrived at Greenbelt around 1:20pm, just in time for the screening of another entry "Posas".

Right after the movies, instead of roaming around the mall- which can be tempting.*oh consumerism*, I decided to just dropped by at Ayala museum to see the Shiraku Interpreted Exhibit. It kinda interests me since I am a self-proclaimed Japanese culture fan. Unlike their Manga Realities Exhibitit's not allowed to take photos. (only during the opening, i think) Hence, the only photo I took is this brochure.

And this post card I took from the pool of cards at the exhibit. 

At the back of it is a drawing from a random person from a different country. In exchange to this, you also have to draw your favorite person and leave it there. 
I got a drawing from Dominican Republic :)

My day-out wouldn't be complete without trying a new food. I've been seeing this cafe for a long time but never had a chance to dine. 

Adam and Eve crepe
An Apple-filled crepe and topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon powder. 

And my usual favorite- Spaghetti.

The interior somewhat resembles the countryside France.

So that's how my rainy weekend was spent. No typhoon can hinder my plans. ^____^

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