Tutto Domani: A Lifestyle Cafe

July 29, 2012

Being a nomad of the cyberspace, I stumbled upon an entry featuring this little nook at Metro's Central Business district- Makati

Bare concrete floor and white walls with eccentric set of furniture and accessories.
That's how you describe the place in a sentence. The variety of pieces in this unit is what makes it more interesting. No certain theme just pure coolness.

for more photos- click the link

Some of the furniture that caught my attention are the magazine rack (as you can see, it doesn't only serves its purpose of magazine storage but it also doubles as a welcoming piece on the wall that greets you upon entering the store), the table ('cause it's height is adjustable!) and vintage-looking seats ('cause rustic colors and browns go on my favorite color list). 

Other set of modern pieces. Chairs and tables plus dividers with cute digital prints. I wonder who drew those. 

Window seat would always be my favorite spot in every area. So upon entering the place, we right away chose this table beside the floor to ceiling window. It frames the greenery along Esperanza st.

Next to this wooden slats partition is the area for large group dining. Two tables with a capacity of 8 persons each. 

Another accent that adds twist to this place are the displays of Designer toys. They are also available for purchase.

and now, let me introduce to you the FOOOOOOOOD!

 Power meal Platter number 5: Consists of Soup, bread, Vegetable Lasagna and chips. Plus House Iced tea and a dessert (not included on the photos).

Power Meal Platter number 2: Consists of Tortini del manzo (angus beef patty), Pasta of your choice (Mine was Bolognese Spaghetti), salad and chips plus house iced tea and a dessert which was Crepe Samurai (no photo, sorry)- it's like a Crème brûlée with mangoes.

My friend ordered a solo meal- Fetuccini with Alfredo Sauce.  

A unique idea of serving the food in a wooden tray. A+ for the presentation.

On the other side of the cafe is a unit which houses Module Furniture. The young lady (which I forgot to ask the name) was very nice to demonstrate the modules and entertain our queries.

This furniture system is especially made for living areas with limited space like condo and small houses. Here's how it works.

Now it's a cabinet,

Revolve it, then it becomes a bed. 

A work table that can be transform into a single bed as well. That wooden panel above is the work table and you don't need to remove anything for you to use the bed. All you have to do is push it upward and ta-da, it's now ready for night use.

The bed sizes varies from single to queen size and you can modify the alternative use like the ones below which can be turned into a larger cabinet or even a dining table.

The price range depends on the finishes that will be used and the waiting period for it to be accomplished is 45 to 60 working days.

You can visit these two units at the New World Renaissance Hotel Arcade- Across Greenbelt 3.

Tutto Domani
G/F New World Renaissance Hotel
Esperanza cor. Makati Ave., Makati City

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