Cafe Noriter: Playground Revisited

August 12, 2012

Two years ago, I saw a photo of a coffee shop. At first look, I thought that it was located somewhere in Japan or Korea- land of most "kawaii" stuff. But as I go through the post, I found out that it's at the Home of the Green Archers- Taft Ave. Manila.

Along Taft Avenue, corner of Estrada St., You will be able to see Tapa King and right beside it is an access going up to this hole-in-the-wall.

I think I already visited this place for about 4 times after that discovery but I wasn't able to take photos that will give justice to the cuteness of the place. Trying my luck this time, I dropped by again since it is also on the way the bus terminal.

The word Noriter actually means Playground. 

This mural will say hello to you as soon as you walked up the stairs. It's actually their logo.

Let me give you a tour inside.

They have this spacious queueing area/lobby with photogenic items on the side wall.

Pastel-colored counter

Whimsy chandeliers

Few sets of seating. It has a resemblance of a classroom.

Another mural located inside their restroom

Hallway upon exiting the restroom. 

The typical coffee shop set up. 
Tables + chairs.

Looks so much like a kindergarten room.

My favorite spot would be the deck. Aside from it's where the windows are, I feel so asian with the seating set-up. haha!

I find this as the most "chillax" area. The No shoes policy and floor seating on wood decks creates a bedroom vibe.

It was actually allowed to write on these decks before but now, there are stickers saying "No to vandalism". I wonder if customers are still following it 'cause it's not that much noticeable since the writings are already all over the place.

reminded me of "Perks of being a Wallflower"


Fruits and Waffle. 

Except for serving my favorite food in one plate, I find it like a typical-tasting waffle.

Caramel Frap.
Kinda sweet for my taste. I'm a bit bias with dark drinks.

I still love their Oreo cheesecake and Mocha frap- I think it's a better combo.

Another distinct decoration: beautiful photos of places and people
hanged polaroids, on frames, on walls and even on tables. 

There is this area were they display personalized cups drawn by the customers. I wasn't able to try doodling, though. Maybe next time. :) 

They actually have a good playlist but I hope they have better speakers 'cause by the time the place gets so crowded, the music can't be heard clearly. It lessens the coziness of the place.

If you happen to be in Manila area, you might wanna visit and experience this playground.

Cafe Noriter
2nd Flr. Reyes Bldg., Estrada St. cor. Taft Ave.,
Malate, Manila
Operating hours:
Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm

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  1. Hi there! Bumped on your cute blog while searching for Noriter. Lovely pictures by the way. May I kindly ask if you could check my blog out as well and do follow. Thanks!
    I'm sure you can find my blog helpful in some ways.
    Here is my blog:

    1. Hello Ms. Joy! Thank you very much. I've followed your blog, btw. It's nice to meet a fellow foodie :) I'll use your blog posts as reference for my future food adventures :)

  2. What a nice place! And photos too! :)
    Would you happen to know their contact numbers?

  3. where can i find this place?

    1. Hi! It is located at Taft Avenue, Manila. Across DLSU

  4. Hello po alam ko na po itong place na to since 2012, ask ko lang kung mag kano po yung budget namin for Noriter? Thanks po :)

    -16, Senior HS

    1. 200 to 300 kung kasama pastries siguro. Less than 200 kung drinks lang :)

  5. I recently visited Cafe noriter in Cebu! AWESOME PLACE :)

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  9. Hi. Do they have a smoking area there?

    1. Hi Karyl. as far as I can remember, they don't have a smoking area.