Sunday is Family Day

September 30, 2012

One way of capping off a stressful week is to be with the family. Away from keyboard and the sound of mouse clicks, we spent the the Sunday afternoon at Town. 

Roamed around the mall to purchase their necessities. I'm so happy that those "material" things doesn't have so much appeal on me now. That self-control therapy is working! Another successful experiment :)

But when I stepped inside the bookstore, I paced so fast to Psychology section and looked for a certain book. However, another gem sparked before my eyes! 

I now have a reason to finish "Rapt", since I already got a similar book.

I (but technically it's my father) also purchased Yann Martel's "Life of Pi". As much as I wanted to start it right away, a big chunk of my time goes on my current priority- Work. But I'll definitely find time for this one. 

We went to the outside strip for Merienda. I was supposed to introduce them to my favorite restaurant- Cafe Mary Grace (which I haven't visited for a long time since I'm on a tight budget) but then decided to try Johnny Rockets. 

This was just my second visit. My first was at Tomas Morato with Agnes. 

What I love about this place is that they have those retro diner must-haves: Black and white checkered floors, Red seats and Aluminum tables, neon lights signs outside, Bar area.

Vintage ads all over the two white walls. 

The jukebox's color scheme is so coooool! If only I could take this home :)

For the benefit of the doubt- yes, it's working.

They're actually using this for their routine performances :D

Mini-jukebox on the table (or are there other terms for this?)

FOOOOOOOOOD! (my default intro)
Under the category of American Casual Dining. 

Hotdog and Fries

The Original Hamburger
It's good for sharing! Wrong move for us to have separate orders.

Smiley ketchup prepared by the girl who served our food. :)

Their famous Milkshake.
I got so curious after seeing this as a part of's best milkshakes. 

The meal comes with an unlimited fries but we were not able to avail since our stomachs can't accommodate it anymore.

Alabang Town Center #574 The Street Area, Ground Floor (infront of Corte De Las Palma entrance) Muntinlupa City
(02) 478-9297
Store Hours: Sun-Thurs: 6:00 AM to 12:00 MN / Fri-Sat: 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM

Obligatory photos :))

SAR-dinas and Mako-neko :)

Meet the Parents :))


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  1. Looks great! Reminds me of The 70's Diner in Baguio. Have you been there? Serving size is crazy!

    1. Not yet. I might visit it one of these days :D BTW, I actually googled it right away by the time I saw your comment haha :)

  2. Ugh, wait. I meant the 50's Diner. Hope you Googled it right the first time. I dunno why my head insisted on adding 2 decades to the name >.<