Dumplings and Exhibits

September 01, 2012

Last sunday, I met up with my elementary friend, Micah to get one of our twin cameras. Over a bowl of Ramen, a sudden thought popped in our mind. "What will be our next adventure where we can use these cameras?" 'Cause we were eating that time, first idea that entered was Binondo! So we planned to meet again on the next Holiday which fell on a Monday.

Left the house around 8am and arrived at Vito Cruz station 10 minutes after 9am. Oh, Thank you, Traffic-free Holiday!

Rode a jeepney going to Divisoria and went down at Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz. Then we walked to Ongpin Street- Let the gastronomic challenge begin!

We were supposed to try Tasty dumplings, first but then they were still closed during that time. So we continued walking 'til we passed by Cafe Mezzanine. 

We tried their Irish nut and Macadamia Coffee. They're both good, but the latter suits my taste more- bittersweet. I've read that their "bestseller" is Klampong (?)- rice with nut toppings (?). We haven't tried it, though. One of my regrets that day! NEXT TIME PROMISE!

The cafe has actually a fireman's theme and is owned by the same person behind Eng Bee Tin (which was just below this place)

You can enjoy dining in and help at the same time.

Ready to order?

The window view

Just across Cafe Mezzanine is Yuchengco st. and as I checked my list, I found out that there lies the store that serves the "best dumplings" in Binondo. Went straight ahead 'til we finally saw the sign of this little hole in the wall. 

That foreign written charaters on the glass with a High-rise residence background kinda resembles a street in Hongkong.

They just opened when we got there but we were not the first customers. There were these two ladies around mid-40's who loves of trying out hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They asked us where we were from and vice versa. Found out that they were also from the South.

You can see how they prepare your food on the side. Interesting sight. 

Stuffed Pancakes (100 Php for 4 pancakes-sliced into 4) 
It's actually a fried version of steamed dumplings

Steamed Dumplings (100 Php for 14 pieces)
You can choose the stuff- Pork or Kuchay- some kind of vegetables (?)

We decided to walk so that our stomachs can have a chance to digest that huge amount of yummy dumpling before trying another restaurants. We went back to the bridge- along Quintin Paredes road and started to take photos along the not-so-familiar streets.

You can check out our "wandering" route on this post. link

As soon as we dropped by at the new Lucky Chinatown Mall, I received a text from my workmate- who happened to be at the same area- recommending the Museum at Escolta street.

We continued walking 'til we reach the once famous commercial strip of Manila. 

Unfortunately, haven't finished our so-called Gastronomic Adventure that day since Micah needed to meet her Mom around 3pm.

So this was our last stop. 

It's just a small exhibition with two rooms- one for elevations/plans/scaled models of buildings along Escolta and the other one is for Old Newspaper clippings. Funny how it caters both our fields- Architecture and Broadcasting/Journalism.

Old photographs

I like how worm's eye angle can make a small room appears bigger.

Look how my friend is so interested with the clippings- she even took down notes. 

The building was just behind the Manila Post office- a river away. 
It's kinda depressing seeing this entourage of a beautiful building. 

To be continued..  

still have no idea when but I'll definitely finish that list, no matter what! haha!

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  1. Hi there! Read both posts on your walk around Manila... have been to some of the same streets, but realized through your post that I still have a lot more to explore and to photograph! This museum is now definitely on my list!

    Nga pala, officemate ko si Persis. Siya nagpakita sa 'kin ng blog mo hehehe I'm also on the lookout for places to visit, so do post more of your adventures!

    1. Oh hello! You can join us next time :) Partner-in-Crime ko yan si Persis pagdating sa mga ganyang adventure :)