The 10th month's week one

October 07, 2012

L-R, Top-Bottom: Sibling's Vanity // The Perks of being a wall flower hangover: Love Always, Charlie. // How I stay connected with friends // CBTL's Lasagna // Alain de Botton's Books // 11th Pelicula: Spanish Film Festival 2012. *Special Thanks to the convenience of the mobile phone camera.

I'm already not used in talking about the summary of my entire week in my new blog. But this one's gotta be here. It must be on my archives. Probably one of the most important week. It's not that a life-changing event occur, I feel like every aspect of my life is in balance thus, happiness followed.

God and Family // After the usual Sunday service at church, we had our not-so-usual family day. (Knowing that my brother's too lazy to go out- it can be counted as first time that we went out complete)

Motivation // Words of gratitude that keep me inspired the entire week. :) I know, it's somewhat shallow but.. okay.. You won't understand :))

Work // spending almost your entire day/ 6 days in a week at work is really tiring but as long as you're enjoying and just focusing on the task, you won't feel the clock ticking. Before you notice, it's already a weekend.

Friends // With all the technology, I try to catch up with friends' lives once in awhile. Thanks to SMS, BBM and twitter and Dropbox too, I was able to help my beloved people- whether it's academic-related (which means staying up late doing models of roller coasters HAHA) or personal (an outlet of emotions- as what a friend said "like a walking/breathing blog). There is this different feeling in being a part of one's success and a witness of one's little happiest moments.

Me // rewarding oneself occasionally can be a good boosting strategy. It doesn't need to be a splurge on luxurious indulgence. A movie treat, trying new delicacies or getting something that you wanted for a long time can be enough. For this week, I did all of them. I can actually join Caroline and Maxx because of that. We're now the 3 broke girls. :)) But as what Alanis Morisette's "Hand in my Pocket" song says .... I'm broke but I'm happy.

Here's how the "Self" day went:

I finally watched "The Perks of being a Wallflower". I wasn't expecting it to be that good- it actually gave the book a justice. Well played characters, especially Patrick.

Tried CBTL's lasagna for the first time. I liked it but not the type that you will wanted to try over and over ('cause it's not practical HAHA)

Picked up the books that I've reserved at Fullybooked GB5. That means, the hill of my pending books is starting to be a mountain.

And since I'm already at the vicinity, I catch up one of the Spanish Film Festival's entry- Arrugas/Wrinkles (2012). The story is about the life inside a Home for elderly. What's interesting about it is that it's represented as 2D animated film. The animation looks like Disney's "Recess".

No spectacular occasion or anything- just life's simple events. Looking forward to another week ahead. I'm not expecting it to be as happy as last week but I'll still try to look at it with positivity. One of the mantra that serves as my guide right now is to "Keep the Good vibes roll".

That's it, Week one: over! Less than 10 weeks 'til Christmas- the happiest season of the year. Let the countdown begin! // Excited

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