November 23, 2012


I was supposed to go out with my dessert buddy, May Ann. But then she got a short notice overtime request from their company so out day out was rescheduled again. 

I have this attitude wherein if I schedule a certain "lakad", it must push it through no matter where and who I am with. So I texted a person who I think would respond --- my childhood friend, Micah. 

As expected, she said "Go!" Thankful to have a friend who's just a text away- to think that we're living at the opposite ends of the line. North and South kids represent.

Our first stop was the NBS Warehouse sale. Too bad it's the last day of sale. The choices of books were not that vast compared last Thursday. Despite that, we still scored good books- which means, the pending "to read" list is growing. I need additional time!! Where could I buy a pocketful of it? Any recommendations? :))

From NBS Q. Ave., we went to Cubao X just for dinner.
I heard/read somewhere that Crispy Liempo at Penpen's is pretty good so we gave it a shot. The verdict? I'm not disappointed but I felt guilty afterwards. Those fried fats! HAHA

Black and white posters of classic Filipino films covered the interior columns. It will made you think that the owner is kinda related with that industry. Well, yes. The place is owned by Ping Medina.

The mini treasure chest which ironically will took a piece of your treasure 'cause this is where they put the bill.

Went around the area afterwards. Most of the stores were already closed. Wrong timing again.

Our last stop for that day is Ayala Triangle Garden. 

Heading to MRT station, we passed by this giant Christmas tree at Araneta Center.   
And here you go, An obligatory photo of the tree :)) 

Can you guess who sponsored it? :))

Just in time for the last set of the Lights and Sounds show for that day. 

Very refreshing to see landscapes after a week of bonding with keyboard, mouse and papers.

Plus, those magical lights. Good way to start the week! :) 

I don't wanna be pre-occupied by the proper setting/composition of photographs so I only took several photos and just focus on the show. The songs made me more excited for Christmas. I promise to make it way better than my last year's experience- which I labelled as my Worst Christmas ever.

Another obligatory photo of who I am with.
Funny how we have the same camera and we're both wearing something Blue and Black.  and the boots! 
She also told me that just before I texted her, she was already planning to go somewhere but have no idea where. 
I thought, mental telepathy was only for twins. :))  

We had our super late dessert at CBTL because I need to introduce Micah to one of my favorite cakes.

Toblerone Cheesecake

Coffee shops lighting always make me sleepy that's why I wanted to emulate that in my room. :))

went home.

That's it. 


I can't think of any creative ending right now 'cause it's already past midnight and I still have to wake up by 5:30am. :)) Ciao!

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