Third to the Last day

December 31, 2012


Went to High street for two main reasons:

1. To buy a Muji Planner 
2. To check out the Landscape design at West Super block, 7th ave. (for reference, as what my boss said)

I was supposed to go there alone or with whoever I can "kaladkad" that day. But then the family wanted to join me- which is an advantage since I don't have to commute :))

It's my chance to introduce them to my all-time favorite restaurant: 
Cafe Mary Grace :D
(Feeling advertiser ng Mary Grace, same goes with Coffee bean and Tea leaf) They should pay me for this. haha Chos!

Mama got this over flowing plate.

Chicken Inasal for Ate Hazel and Mako-neko 'cause they wanna go with the 'usual'

Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meat balls (again) for me and Papa. Gaya-gaya lang pati sa drinks: Peppermint and Friuts :)

And of course: Grilled Cheeserolls <3 (no photo- just refer in here. Link)


After lunch, we went directly to West Superblock, took some photos and get familiarized with the plants. I should research their names, though. :)

Another highlight of the day: First time to visit the Dr. Martens store at The Fort Strip!!! :) I got giddy entering the shop but unfortunately, they don't have stocks of 1460's :( Tssss. Not yet my time to get a pair of cherry boots.

Then I went to Fullybooked, browse some books and next thing I now, I was at the counter having another impulsive purchase.

Roam, roam, roam. That day I realized that the most boring part of the mall is the department store.

We went home around 5:30pm.

That's how I spent one of the last days of 2012.

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