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February 02, 2013

I got tired of bringing my camera (downside of its bulkiness), so I just took advantage of the camera phone's convenience for documenting the tidbits of my life.

an interesting start of 2013.

(L-R, Top to Bottom)

1.0 View from the roof deck of one of our residential projects at Nuvali. 
My favorite part of that house. Oh, How I love the breeze and the view at this area.

2.0 Cocktails
Uncle Cheffy's Frozen Strawberry and Mango Margarita. I was "forced" to finished both because May wasn't happy with the taste.

3.0 Pen inks on Mcdo's paper placemat.
Because we missed doing hatches and sketching

4.0 Work at Home
Sketching facade studies for a certain project around midnight.

5.0 365days One-Liner Journal
One thing I learned from The Happiness ProjectIt's fun to scribble random notes about your day and reread it at the end of the year.

6.0 Serendipity a.k.a the cheesecake ice cream.
Yellowcab's new ice cream flavor. What's with the name?

7.0 Four seasons pizza.
Treat from our workmate, Kurt. I finished 3 slices! Shrimp overload!!!! :)

 Bye January, Hello February!

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