Happiness in Solitude

February 02, 2013

Thank goodness! I regained my interest in blogging.

Second day of the so-called Love month and I celebrate it by spending the weekend alone.


Yesterday, I was planning to visit my university but when I woke up this morning, I suddenly felt like today's not the right time to go there- I wonder why.  
 I left the house still undecided where to go.  Then I thought of wanting a laid-back Saturday stroll. 

So, Bonifacio Global City it is.

*Used Colorcrush filter on Pixtrix (a Blackberry App). Because Instagram photos are too mainstream. v ^____^

 First stop: Fullybooked @ Highstreet.

Good thing, I only have a limited budget at that time. 'Cause if not, I might end up again with an impulsive book-buying.

 Second stop: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf @ 26th Bistro

Aside from it's large floor area, this CBTL branch differs from the other branches because of it's restaurant type of service (ohai! 10% service charge) But! I love the interior and the variation of furniture.

Have I told you that I am really a fan of walking? Here's a proof.

What I love about walking is that you will be able to appreciate the surroundings more. Unlike when your riding a car, you'll get the chance to stay longer whenever something caught your attention plus you'll be more observant because your focus won't be directed on the next intersection or the car in front of you. 

It's more of an experiential activity.

I went out of CBTL around 5:30. Went towards Burgos circle, passed by the Mind museum then went back to High street. I love how the sun strikes on the buildings and pavement at that hour. I am always be fond of sunsets. It gives me a subliminal feeling. It's just unexplainable.

So, I got the chance to see the buildings up close, especially the details. Feeling critic ang peg. One thing that's most noticeable: Aluminum cladding all over the place. 


I actually enjoyed this day. I missed solitude so much.
'til my next "Me" day :)

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