02 of 12

March 03, 2013

Random snippets from the second chapter of book 2013.
(L-R Top to Bottom)

1. Blast from the past (Food Edition)- Featuring Mik-mik, Lala, Mogu-mogu and Powdered jelly.

2. Community- Another US series that I am starting to get hooked. Say hello to Jeff Winger on a Cowboy costume.
3. Red Wine on a Beer Mug- one straight drink and I got knocked out :)
4. Red Griffer- One of the plants from the gardens at Concha Cruz st. at BF homes.
5. Gloomy Weather at Site- And yeah, it should be in B/W for an additional "emo" mood.
6. The "Stoned" cat- One of hazel's alaga posed for the camera. It was during Haz's overnight thesis-making themed birthday party :)

Bye Feb. Now, let the "Poverty" month begin. I need to save up for my Birthday Month :)

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