Away from the City

March 30, 2013

I've never been this excited for a vacation. This might be the effect of being so drained- not only from work but from over thinking on almost everything.

We had a very long drive going to La union. It took us almost 12 hours (well, stopovers were included) but that's just insane. We usually took a max of 9-10 hours for that. Oh, holidays downsides.

With the little brother who's sleeping the entire trip.

mapag-inarteng floral dress = 
bubuyog shades= 

Despite the little time, sitting on the sand without thinking of any pressure and just enjoying the view is totally worth it. Oh, life's simple pleasure. 

Have I told you how I love sunsets very much? Here you go.
A sunset appreciation post.

The Golden Hour <3

Now I'm currently tracing the next "holidays". Those precious times should be noted.

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