Life of an Adult: from a 21-year old kid's perspective

March 30, 2013

3rd month of last year, I left the comfort of being a student and 2 months later, I gamble on the realm of uncertainty.

P R I O R I T I E S 
These are the composition of your 365 rotation in 1 revolution.

1. Career
Not necessarily pertains to the fruit of your 17 years or more in the academe. It may be sudden twist of path or o life long passion. It's a bit of inexplicable for me but as per my understanding, it's something the will test your abilities and knowledge and will sooner be the source of your achievement.

2. Family
need I say more? This would probably on the list of most people. They're like the "defaults" in your life.

Never ever forget to allot time for assessment, self-realizations and ofcourse, pampering. Stop and take a break. Go out and have your well-deserved "Me time".

3. The alternative life
You don't want to get so exhausted with your everyday routime. 5 times a week is enough, Try different things on weekends. a sport, an interest or a hobby as long as it's outside your field of work.

4. Health
The physical aspect. If this fails first, you will not be able to fulfill your other priorities.

5. Social Life
Friends, acquaintances or even stangers may fall under these category.


6. Lovelife (as a special case, not applicable)
Be free to fill in this space with your own comments _________________________________


1. Resources
Money. Let's get this straight. Your daily expenses on food and transpo, your splurge on travel and things, almost everything today has a price. Admit it or not, you need it. We are living in a society where economy plays one of the biggest part- which is kinda disappointing.
Yes, we need money to help us but never ever let this rule your life. As what they said, Money is a good servant but a bad master.

2. Training and constructive criticism
set aside those ego. You just stepped out of the academe, you still have a lot to learn. You need other people to stretch your capabilities, test your limits and give "in your face" commentaries. Praises and compliments are as important a criticisms.

3. Inspiration/Motivation/Words of Encouragement
it might not be directly from a person you know personally, it can be on a paperback on a bookstore, a signage or even on a cafe table. Never ever lose hope whenever you're alone, you can have a companion, they just came on a different package. That's why i really recommend reading. Not particularly a book, it can be an article or blog if you have limited time.

4. Guts
real world is a dangerous place, I tell you. A monster named STRESS will be encountered along the way. bring a pocketful of guts seed or prepare to be eaten alive.

5. Confidence
probably one of the most important but the hardest to gain amoall of these. Especially for someone who's fond of just working behind the scene all the time. (Ehem!) We all have insecurities, that's normal. But if these are becoming something that pulling you down, you might want to reasses. They might all be rooted from something. For me, it all came from a four letter word f-e-a-r. Of what? Of imperfection, of rejection, of commiting mistakes, of almost everything. To tell you honestly,, i'm still on the intimidated stage but i'm trying so hard to leave it behind.
Practicing "the hell I care" attitude is on my list. Sounds negative, i know but not being conscious on what people might think of you can help you build that tower of confidence. But be careful, you might be overboard.

I am a resident on probasion of the Adulthoodville for 10 months now. Adjustment period is always the hardest, as they say. It drains all the energy in me. It's fulfilling though, but it really is a different world up here. In school, technically, your only responsibility is yourself- on how you will be able to get good grades and finish your studies. At work, your responsibility links with other and another- it's like a chain.

for reference. It may vary depending on your tolerance. 

Well, these are just my initial assesment for now, at this age. I know changes on perspectives will be made. Now that I will soon be turning 22, all that was written here will be my guide in the latter years as I continue to grow into more mature human being.

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