Dear Mary Grace

March 03, 2013

I often associate places to the past memories I had before and then went back with anticipation of repeating those feelings again. For me- Cafe Mary Grace - is merely associated with celebration and happiness.

Last Friday, I decided to visit their Southmall branch right after I got my NBI clearance at Las Pinas Cityhall. No bigtime happenings or whatsoever, I just want to have my lunch :)) The place is pretty huge and they probably pattern the layout from Greenbelt branch- with their mezzanine and play area.

I actually loved the spot where I am that time. It's a corner beside the railings, just across the stairs perfect for people watching. The couch and an outlet beside it are also plus points.

The usual orders were present- Pasta Amatriciana, Peppermint and Fruits and Cheeseroll <3

Thank God for City Anniversaries, It's a one day off from work.

That's how I start my long weekend. looking forward to the next which is Holy week.

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