A Spontaneous trip to Corregidor Island- Part 01

May 19, 2013

Every week, I always make sure that I have something to look forward on a weekend- It can be something as simple as reading a book, meeting friends or going on a trip. As long as it excites me the entire week. 

So Monday afternoon, I emailed a sales representative of Sun Cruises to reserve a slot for a weekend tour at a Historical Island- Corregidor. 


I was worried the night before because it was raining so hard. Thank God for letting the sun shine in the morning.

11 MAY 2013

6:30am Arrival at Sun cruises terminal @ CCP complex. 

Thoughts during the trip:

-So much psyched 'cause first time to travel by sea.
-Snacks are overpriced. So don't forget to bring baon next time.
-It's disappointing to see the stretch of MOA complex upon departure. 
-I need to make the most out of my film since I don't have my Digicam with me

Stayed at the deck instead on my seat- Best place for People-watching.

The photo-enthusiast cute kid :)

Touchdown Corregidor!

It took us an hour an 15 minutes.

MV/Sun Cruises II

Upon arriving at the dock, we have been welcomed by these cool Tranvia Buses. 

Bus no. 2. Hello fellow overnighters! :)

Kuya Carlos, the tour guide.

First stop

Battery Way.

Battery Hearn. The most powerful Canyon in the Island- it can reach up to 18 miles.

Cine Corregidor.

and its structural system.

Barracks adjacent to the cinema.

Points of interest:
-It's ironic that the cement used for the buildings in the Island is from Japan.
-The Light from the hole of the Dome strikes directly at the altar every May 6. 12nn. Date when Corregidor surrendered to the Japanese.

At the pacific war museum. Spotted some old photos of the buildings before the war.

Spanish Lighthouse

Japanese Peace memorial

Last stop for the Day Tour is the Lights and Sounds show at the Malinta Tunnel. They had these Diaromas and Videos depicting the highlights of the war. 

After the Day tour, the bus dropped us at Corregidor Inn where we'll stay for a night. It is hotel at the Island and it's a 31-star! For the reason of it having only 31 rooms. :))

As seen on the photo, that annex building is where my room is located. Luckily, I was blessed to have a nice view :)

The door on the far left, just beside the balcony, is my room.

My room is pretty neat and cozy. And it's huge for a single person. I thought I will be given a one-bed room but I guess they don't have such room in the inn. 

Like what I've said, I was blessed to have a nice view. The room is located at the corner so it has windows on the three sides.

Had a two-hour nap. Then before the outdoor activities at night, I had an afternoon walk around the south beach since it's more accessible from the inn.

To be continued..

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