A Spontaneous trip to Corregidor Island- Part 02

May 19, 2013



First stop: Army Post Hospital

Upon arriving, the tour guide said "The Doctors and Nurses are waiting for us"

I think we were just too early for Ghost Hunting but this ruin probably has the most scary aura. Maybe the location has something to do with it. It's residing inside the forest unlike the other buildings which are located along the road.

Nonetheless, I enjoy roaming around this abandoned building. (Face your fear kasi talaga ang peg ko sa trip na 'to)

The guide mentioned that every November 1, they have this activity at 12 midnight were they'll have star gazing at the 3rd floor then they'll do ghost hunting afterwards. Sounds exciting. Anyone?



The much anticipated Sunset viewing at Battery Grubbs.

The moment of truth. 
The reason why I decided to have an overnight at the Island is because of this Night Lateral Tunnel tour.

During the Lights and Sounds show, we were able to walk through the Main Tunnel but during this Night tour, we were able to explore the auxiliary tunnels and the 1000-bed Lateral Hospital. 

And the most exciting part of this tour, we were asked by the guide to turn off our flashlights and walk towards the end of the tunnel. It is for us to experience total darkness- just like what the soldiers experienced before.

Thank you phone camera for these photos. :)
We went back to the Inn around 8pm. 


12 MAY 2013

Sunrise bliss at the Topside Area

We had a short trek near the area near the sunset viewing. The most interesting part of the trek was when we pass through a Japanese Tunnel. 

Going back to the Inn for breakfast.

I've decided to take my breakfast at the Restaurant's Balcony- where I can have a panoramic view of the beach and Malinta Hill.

For the free time, I decided to roam around and just take photos. Morning stroll in an island is one of the things I always imagine to do. Glad to have this opportunity. 

At Lorcha Dock

The solo photowalk was going smoothly until my lens gave up on me. Good thing, my film roll was almost finished by the time the glass fell on the ground. 
Upon walking towards the South beach, I just decided to just spent my remaining free time for drawing. 

I was actually not into sketching places because I got so frustrated easily when I don't get its resemblance perfectly. But that was before I read Alain de Botton's "Art of Travel" where he talked about the advantages of travel sketching.

What I like about the spot where I spent the morning is that I felt like I owned that whole place. There were only around more of less 40 overnighters that time. And most of them were on the Pool and other activities such as Zipline, ATV, etc.

Around 10:00 am, I went back to the Inn to write several things and Pack up since the Check out time is 12nn.

Had lunch with the two girls I've met- whom I've thought were the same age as mine. When in reality, they're in their 30's already. :)

So we left Corregidor by quarter to 3 then arrived at MNL around 4pm.

I was sleeping the whole time. :)


Corregidor is such an interesting place. And it's more than the Ruins and Ghost stories. A well-preserved island, both in History and Ecosystem. I'll definitely go back there, maybe with companions. I wanna try camping and that Endurance Hike. :)


Another one-of-a kind adventure. A next level of "Me time". Excited for the next trip one of these days.


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