Cold Stone Walls

August 09, 2013

20 July 2013

Saturday morning. 
On my way to the breakfast treat of our office, while on the jeepney, the wanderlust in me had been awaken. In response to this, I texted May if she wanted to visit Paco park. A little part on my hippocampus told me that she wanted to go there. And apparently, I'm in need of interesting subjects for testing the replacement of my camera lens that broke during my Corregidor trip two months ago. 

Around 11am, from West gate, we walked to Town where the bus stop is located. 

Bus ride via Coastal road. then touchdown, City of Manila.

Photos taken at Paco Park.

these little creatures welcomed us

Paco park's version of Cherry Blossoms :))

Small Chapel at the center of the Park which had been a Cemetery before. Notice the niches on the photo above.

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The only photo I took at Fort Santiago (Excluding the shots of May)

view from one of the fortresses 

my model for a day :) I love how her dress matches those brick walls. Here I go again with the rustic color scheme fascination.

no other way out

Did a lot of walking that day (Oh What's new, Sar?) which I think is good after a week of seating inside the four-walled space. 

The wanderlust state of mind continued to dominate that day. After that long stroll at Manila, I suggested going to Greenhills since May was also looking for a dress for her oath taking (Yes, she's now an architect. Cooooool)

Had to walk around the bermuda triangle of clothes and shoes. Nakakaligaw kaya talaga yung mga stalls! They looked so alike- the items, i meant. I think I almost memorized the fashion trend for this season. Anyways, at least my companion was able to buy something after being tricked by the Loop Card (If you're a Cardcaptor Sakura fan, you'll know what I meant)

Ended the day with a a fast food dinner. I've been eating "fake foods" lately. 

Tiring but well-spent day. 'Til the next walking adventure.

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