That thing they call "Selfie"

August 17, 2013

Probably the one thing that I missed the most after ditching the social networking sites is the fun of selecting that ~perfect~ display photo.

Below are the ways on how to come up with that picture perfect icon:

  • Next next back next (repeat for numerous time) and finally "set as profile picture". After an event or a getaway, over hundred of photos, you are hoping to pick that single photo that would outstand the rest thus, the unending arrow keys motion.
  • Front camera to the rescue! After the phone companies gave birth to the vanity lenses on mobile phones, Internet had been bombarded with Photo Albums of "selfies" (often labelled as "Bored", "Just woke up", <insert name here> albums). Different angle,smile,headwear or anything as long as the face occupies almost 3/4 of screen.
  • "That setting is perfect". Stand next to it, click. upload. and poof! a new Display photo.
I am guilty of the 3rd option and these photos say it all. Below are the Facebook DPs that I liked the most. I call it, the Lagalag edition. 

(L-R) 1. The Faux Autumn effect- taken at a side wall of UP Film Center
2. Here comes my Spaceship <inset Mr. Bean's intro music>- taken at Molito
3. taken at Makati Ave. during the night before New Year's eve
4. The Faux Autumn effect V.2- taken at La Union
5 and 6. taken at The Collective

Actually, This post is just an excuse to display my face on the internet. hohoho. an outlet for vanity. 

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