Photo Walk Chronicles: Soul Searching at Coron Edition (01 of 02)

September 08, 2013

They said:

"When you were a child, you have all the energy and time but no money
When you're an adult, you have the energy and money (well, it depends) but no time
When you're already on your senior years, you have the money and time, but no energy."

So having that three resources available makes you a lucky one. And it rarely happens.

When I found out about the upcoming long weekends (I do check it beforehand, hmm about 3 months ago hohoho), My beloved Escape Fund became active again. And with my trusted camera and backpack, I decided to explore again.

24 August 2013
Arrived at NAIA Terminal 3

Families and barkadas were present in every corner. Different people heading to varying destinations. I was standing in the midst of the crowd lined up for checking in. Having a mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, I walked towards the departure area and waited for my flight going to "The Philippines' Last Frontier".

This is it.
Flight 5J 531

After and Hour and 15 minutes up above,

The aircraft landed at Francisco Reyes Airport at Busuanga. It was starting to rain when we got there. 

Upon riding the van, the rain started to pour down.
The foggy road leading to Coron Town Proper. 
A 30 minute ride from the airport 

Spent my three days and two nights at Patrick and Tezz Guest house (see the house at the left side of the photo) And yes, It's on stilts. It's actually standing on top of water. I opted this type of accommodation for the following reasons 1.) Staying at hotels will cost me a fortune 2.) luxury accommodation might not be worth it because I will be roaming around the town the whole day 3.) It's not mainstream hahaha

I wasn't able to take photos of the interior (I actually do, but it doesn't turn out well. One of the disappointments with film)

After dropping my backpack at my room, I grabbed my camera and started to roam around town. 
I scheduled my island tour the next day. On the streets, you can see little booths that offers group tours that is open for joiners (if you're traveling solo like me).  

Passed by a cute coffee shop, quite Noriterish type. And as I first saw it, I knew that it's owned by Korean. It was still raining outside so I stayed there and had a hot cup of Mocha drink. I asked Joan, the barista- who was at the counter that time, to have conversation with me instead of just waiting for me to finish. 

I just love listening to people and know their stories. 

"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."

Very relevant.

When the rain stopped, I decided to climbed at one of the famous spots at Coron.

Mt. Tapyas

700 steps!

As I am going towards the gazebo, I met these two gals- Jonee and Gabby. We were on the same flight from Manila. 

Last for this set, my favorite spot.
 where I can see a panoramic view of the entire island. 
I can't remember how many times I said "Ang ganda dito".

To be continued..

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