Photo Walk Chronicles: Soul Searching at Coron Edition (02 of 02)

September 08, 2013


25 August 2013

The next day, while waiting for the others for the Island Hopping tour, I roamed around the town again- feeling one of the locals. I passed by these two kids, the little one waved at me which caught my attention. Talked to them a little bit and  asked them to smile at the camera.

On the side of the port area

Our Kuya Tour Guide.

Ate Mich and Ate Apple

Start of the Island tour. 
I asked kuya tour guide if I could seat at the front most edge of the boat.

Part of Calamianes Group of Islands

Kayangan Lake

It started to rain AGAIN when we got there at the Kayangan Lake. So Boo! for not having quality photos the entire island tour.
This made me realize that I really need a waterproof case.

Thanks to the Underwater film camera, I was able to capture few shots despite the not-so-good weather.

After the island tour, together with Ate Apple, Ate Mich and Kuya Tirso, we head towards the Maquinit Salt water Hot Spring.
I was trying to capture the steaming water, but yeah, I failed.

26 August 2013

An early flight 
Busuanga Airport

I would like to leave you these photos. 
Few snapshots of Coron and Manila thousands of feet above the ground.

Another investment in my Memory Bank.

Excited for the next destination, in which I have no idea yet. I'll just let these feet lead me to places.

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