Tidbits of Knowledge

September 08, 2013

Rainy days can be a good opportunity to read new materials. Try to get away from your usual novels and get in touch with reality of life. For this set, I would like to introduce you with the writing of Alain de Botton

The Architecture of Happiness

The main reason of reading it is to have an understanding on how people outside the profession perceive architecture. 

The Consolations of Philosophy

A light approach on having a glimpse of ideas of the great minds from the past

The Art of Travel

Not your ordinary travel book. It's not just about telling you to go to places you've never been but also encourages you to see everyday things that were left unnoticeable. 

Status Anxiety

By the title itself, it talks about how people get preoccupied on where will they stand on the status ladder.

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

I haven't started this book yet but based on the reviews, it explores what other people are beautifully doing, how they get there and what it means to them.


Hope to find time to make a review on each book (crosses fingers)

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