Last Quarter of Snapshots (Film)

November 08, 2013

For the last quarter of the year, this set was also the last before my shutter button gave up on me. Must pay a visit to Hidalgo one of these days. Or maybe it's a sign to gave the other cameras a chance to be used. 
Why not, coconut?!

For the love of grains, here are the brainchildren of Nikon FE10 X Fuji Superia 400

Local Coffee, Leche Flan and Sapin-Sapin Ice Cream from Sebastian's. I would love to try the other "not so common" flavors. By the way, this Ice Cream Parlor is located at the Second Level, Mall of Asia ( a few meters across Power Mac Center)

This little girl was my ice cream buddy that time. 

Transit Lights from the Glass Capsule
(view from the MOA Eye) 
Bokeh, baby! HAHAHA 

Backstory of the photo: Just as I saw the Rainbow, I run towards home with an objective to capture it. Luckily, I was standing at our terrace, and this lovely branches added drama to the composition. Loved this scene so much that I have to recapture it on Digital. - a more vibrant version.

Reading list update:
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand = Check!

Finally finished this book after acquiring it two years ago. I always postpone reading it because I know that once I started a novel that I really like, I let myself to be “in the zone” as long as I finish it as soon as possible. Two weeks of bringing this paperback with me wherever I go- whether I’m on transit or waiting somewhere, I find a way to sneak few pages. :)

The story revolves around the life of Howard Roark, an Architect and his battle against the conventional standards. Basically, the theme is about Individualism vs. Collectivism. I like how the arguments that support each side were presented.

Just make sure that you’re open to new ideas when you read it because when you’re a bit traditional, you’ll end up thinking it romanticized man’s selfishness.


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