Light Chaser

November 08, 2013

1740-1840 HRS. 600 KM. 34,000 FT.
View from a 350mm x 300mm translucent opening

I can't remember when this fascination with sunset started. The transition of clementine to indigo then to just darkness just give me this giddy feeling that I want to witness it as it happens.

As a result, I booked a return flight from Cebu, just in time to see orange streaks up in the sky. I must say that these shots where merely a result of luck. I have know idea on our route, all I know was I have to pick a window seat. Fortunately, the sun was seen from the left side of the plane. 

Am I talking too much again? Okay. Here you go, for the nth time. 
Another batch of sunset appreciation photos.

waiting for the take off

bit blurry aerial shot of city lights. A First. 

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