November 08, 2013

Accommodation at The Henry is inclusive of One Complementary Breakfast at The Rica's (located at the Ground floor, just beside the Entrance of the Hotel). 

The theme of the hotel still continued on their Commercial Amenities. I must say that this restaurant is like a Furniture Showroom. 

Well, Let the photos talk.

Who said High Chairs are for kids only? 
Feeling like a Modern-day Royalty.

What I had for Breakfast. You can actually choose from American, European, Filipino and Healthy (?). As seen, I preferred Filipino- Daing na Bangus with Egg and Garlic Rice. and my ever favorite legit black coffe (no add-ons)


Hoping to visit it again soon.

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  1. Sobrang hipster ng lugar, in a good way!!! Pag napunta akong Cebu gusto ko rin dito magbook. Affordable ba?

    1. Haha oo nga. :) yung iba nga daw nagbobook lang for photo purposes :)) at yun din dahilan ko hahaha hmm affordable? 3,600 per night yung sa room ko. feeling ko not bad naman? mas mura kung yung sa XL room tapos madami kayo :)