December 1st

December 02, 2013

Day 01 of the 12/2013
East Bound

We were supposed to visit Rustic Mornings but due to the heavy traffic, we didn't make it on time. SO we just walk around hoping to find an alternative interesting place to eat. Fortunately, this little hole-in-the-wall is just around the corner. (Literally)

Mama Chit's serves the usual American food and famous for their burger. Of course, there's no way we can miss that out. 

Some of the photos of the interior. The theme is kind of a 50's diner. with vintage stuff all over the place, from Walls, Ceiling and Floor (Yes, the checkered black and white)

(After looking at this set, I realized one thing. I suck at shooting in Low Light. And while making this blog post, few tabs are open- links from the Google search "How to shoot in low light using Film" )

It's fun walking around this neighborhood. Aside from the laid-back atmosphere, cold December winds and less polluted air contributed a lot.

Looking forward to more PhotoWalking before the year ends.

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  1. Masarap yung burger nila? Gusto ko rin matry. Grabe! Dami kainan sa Marikina.

    1. yep, masarap. :) may something dun sa sauce ng patty eh :) oo, super nga, nagsearch ako. gusto nga sana namin yung Rustic Mornings, ang ganda din ng place :)