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May 09, 2014

These past few months, we are preparing for one of the biggest step that will make or break our career path. (Typing this makes me so much nervous 30++ days to go. Oh no!) Nakakaiyak naaaa. 

So to have a break from that anxiety, I need to go back to my backdoor nook. 

I got the chance to have my latest (not so) film developed at a local photo studio at our town. The only remaining in the vicinity. I took the risk to have it processed there even though I'm having second thoughts. I'm a bit disappointed with the output- the negative was a bit dirty when it was turned-over to me. Some portion of the photos were smudge. It seems that the chemicals were not saturated properly or something? I'm still trying to learn the technicalities of film processing. 

Despite what happened to the photos, I am loving the beauty of their imperfection.

Let me start with one of  the few film photos that has my face on it. Partially.

Trying new food would never be out of my list. 

Project Pie
Located at Commerce Ave., Alabang

Not so much a fan of Pizza (weh?) but what magnets me to try this is the interior. Every time we pass by Commerce Ave., I can't help but notice the pendant bulbs from their glass store front. 

Afters Espresso and Desserts
Located at Tomas Morato

The photos below seem underexposed but that's actually the ambiance of the place. I find it too dark for a coffee shop. But still, their Chocolate Lava cake is <3 :D 

I already took my leave from work, so I somewhat became a homebuddy except during review classes. 
Here are my fellow homebuddies- Rina and Yume. 
I really wish they can talk. :))

A Faceless Selfie
Timer > Front Camera

And this last set will be dedicated for what eats up the huge chuck of my life. The Review Saga for Board Exam. (This word give me serious chills)

The "Mantra". Cup of Green Tea. Readings
Every single night.

Special thanks to May for letting me borrow this book. 
Architecture Overloadddd. My brain's gonna explode. I still love you, though.

A friendly reminder (in a harsh tone). 
Focus on learning. Focus on the goal.
We can do this! :)


 Since I won't be able to use my camera and my right brain needs an outlet once in a while, I decided to reenter the 
World of Grid
Hello, Instagram! It's good to be back.

For those who are using an iPad, you might want to use the Flow App for easy browsing of Instagram photos. It's on landscape grid configuration like the one below. 

The photos were brought to you by:
Nikon FE10 // Kodak Ultramax 400 

This would be an enough dose for now. The Info Mountain is already calling me. Ciao! :))

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  1. Goodluck sa boards! After nyan, shoot na tayo! 😛

    1. Dear Aia, Thank youuuuuu. Yes, matapos lang talaga 'to. matutuloy na yun :)