Nomad Kid in HK: The Story in Pixels

July 07, 2014

Given the opportunity of time and having few fund from my savings, I did not hesitate to plan another adventure. Due to certain circumstances, there has been a sudden change of  plans which made this somewhat an impulsive trip. 

Thursday.19 June 2014
As an escape from the agony of waiting from the exam results, my very first solo trip to a foreign land became possible. 

Scenes from the trip was summarized into 4 films:
Fuji Superia 400  // Fuji 400H //  Kodak Ektar 100  //  Ilford HP400 (To follow)

The First Impression
(views from a higher elevation)

First word that came into my mind upon walking inside the airport. I feel like a little kid on her first day of school. Felt a little scared but excitement keeps on dominating me at that moment. 

The Basics
I try not to complicate things when it comes to my trips. Few sets of light clothing- 7kg rule (to lessen baggage fee :D), films, camera, trusted backpack, worn-out shoes, passport (hihi, used it for the first time. babaw!), foreign currency, maps, little notebook for scribbles and "budgeting". All set. Good to go.

For my accommodation, I've chosen Yes Inn at Causeway bay. 
The room where I've stayed is good for 9 persons but during that time, there were only 4 of us. 

Despite of  my main goal of "living like a local", I still went to see one tourist spot of the country- Lantau Island. The reason is the Cable Car. I was 9 years of age when I dreamed of riding a cable car. I was watching a certain science show which feature this transport system. Since then, it has always become a part of my wishlist. I'm sure that 9-year old self is happy! :)

Aside from that, I always daydream of sitting on a train, looking by the window while passing by a beautiful scenery - very movie-ish! The 27-minute ride to the airport let me have a peek on how it feels like. Longer train rides like this will definitely a permanent part of my bucket list. 

The Hunt for the Masterpieces
Another goal for this trip is to visit the works of some Famous Architects.

(L to R, T to B: Chek Lap Kok Airport by Norman Foster // Bank of China by I.M Pei // Jockey Innovation Tower by Zaha Hadid // The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center by Daniel Libeskind)

The Anonymity

Like what I've said earlier, the main goal is to live like a local. To make it possible, I did not join any tours.
Instead, I availed the 3-day Unlimited Pass for MTR so I can hop on from one place to another. I commend the very convenient transport system of Hong Kong. I was able to visit many places in short period of time. 

One word to describe their lifestyle?

(will elaborate it some time :)))

(L to R, T to B: Street Scene at Henessy Road, Causeway Bay //  Sort of Selfie-ish at Polytechnic University //  MTR ride to Tung Chung Station //  Somewhere at Central 

Despite the aching back and legs, going around at the same streets over and over, having a hard time to decide on where to eat and other little misfortunes, I still would say that this adventure  was a success!

I can't wait for the next. 

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