2,922: First Mt. Pulag Experience

March 22, 2015

morning of March 15, 2015
people being humbled by the Sea of Clouds

more than 24 hours before that moment..
(more photos after the break)

Manila > Baguio > Benguet

Stop over at Ambuklao Dam

Note to self

We had lunch before heading to the Ranger Station. 
Across that is this view
A sneak peak on what we are about to see hours later

I have no idea what time we arrived at the camp. 
Didn't brought a watch, the phone's battery is empty and too lazy to ask. 
My way of disconnecting and just enjoying the experience without minding the time

It was drizzling when we got there, then the rain poured, minutes later. 

Took a power nap after we set up our things inside the tent.
And then I woke up with this view. 
I think even if I'm not using a BW film, the mood of the photo would still be similar to this. The entire area was a bit gloomy due to rain, it was foggy at the same time. 

Had our dinner then lights out around 9pm. 
Before getting inside the tent, you can't help but look at the vastness of the star-filled night sky.

It was just my second time sleeping in a tent. The first time was during our family camping when I was 7. I didn't feel uneasy, though. I had a good sleep actually. Not sure if I was just too tired or the inner nomad in me was too comfortable with the wilderness' soil.

We were scheduled to start the trail by 2am so that we will be at the summit just in time for the Sunrise. 

The Trail. 
The span between the Ranger station camp to Camp 1 would probably be the hardest because: No warm up + no breakfast is such a bad combo.
But then I survived the rest of the trail with a half pack of Skyflakes and 2 packs of chocolate.
And few gulps of water really do helped a lot in energy restoration.

hours later..
which I didn't  felt at all

At the Summit
I think the collective wish that time was for the sun to go up faster. Not only for us to witness the beauty but we are also after the heat. 
It was crazy cold up there! 

The show's about to start and the audience were waiting.
The stage was still covered by the curtain of fog.

Few minutes upon seeing the Sea of clouds and the vast landscape at the summit, I actually had a Snow Leopard Moment (Yes, in reference with Walter Mitty movie)

Where I just sit and appreciate life..
and go through my existential thoughts. haha
In other words:
tumulala at magpaka-deep

No words can describe that surreal feeling.
Let these photos communicate, instead. 
They may not give justice to the greatness of the place. 
But I'm glad that they turned out the way I had them on my memory.

Scenes that we were not able to appreciate upon going up. 
We were too focused on the goal, it's too dark and we're too tired.

Oh, sounds like life's metaphor. hoho!
<insert a cliche quote about journey and destination>

One of the best sunrise that I've ever witnessed. 
The place where I found peace.

My exhausted mind and body were refreshed. 
I will always be thankful for this kind of experience.

Every adventure is a reset button. 
When you feel that everything's messed up, pack your bags, go out and revive your hungry soul. 

So, Where -to- next? 

Nikon FE10// Ilford XP2 400 // Kodak Portra 160

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  1. Beautiful photos!!! How I wish I could go up at Mt. Pulag too! :) Soon, soon :)


    1. Hi Jhanz! Thanks. Yes you can! And you won't regret it :)

  2. I am in love with the mood of your photos. It makes me want to go to Mt Pulag.

    1. Hi Helga! I owe that to film's natural filter. You have to! The view up there is worth the climb :)