Annual August Adventure 2015: 1 of 3

September 06, 2015

To recharge through solitude-
Apart from wasting rolls of film, that is the objective of this trip.
Being on the situation where I need to communicate with people all time drained the life out of me. I find the need to replenish this lost energy. One way to do that is to escape from the familiar city and explore the unknown. 

It has been the third year of my August tradition and this time I decided to visit Western Visayas-
Guimaras and Iloilo in particular. 

23-24 August 2015
The Island

Arrived at Iloilo Airport around 1PM which supposedly 11AM. Hooray for delayed flights! 
Moving on, from the airport, I asked the Kuya shuttle driver to drop me at the terminal going to Ortiz Wharf. He suggested me to take a cab instead because I might get lost. Since I don't have much time to figure out the public transportation yet, I followed the advice. 

Mantra for that day: Trust in humanity

The boats going to Guimaras were transferred from Ortiz Port to the alternate port. Good thing the manong taxi driver is aware of that. 

It took us 20 minutes going to Jordan Port. There you will see the tourism office which can help you with the best transportation going to your destination at the Island. I asked them of the cheapest way going to Nueva Valencia. They suggested to take the jeepney. It may be the cheapest however it will take so much time. It took me an hour to arrive at the crossing where I need to ride a single motor going to Brgy, Tando. A 15-minute motor ride on an off the beaten rough path- grass and trees everywhere. During that ride, I think we only passed by less than 20 people. 

Trust in humanity

"Finally! I made it!"
That's what I thought. 

A 14-year old girl accompanied me to that resort where I am staying. We still have to walk for 5 minutes. What the path looks like? See the first photos on this post. 

I'm the only guest at the resort. I sort of expected that because who would want to go there during a typhoon? -- Uhm, me?
Thank goodness there are only drizzle that time. (Hah!)

Few snaps of the view from the resort.

My cottage is overlooking the shore. 
Can you see that small hut in the photo below?

Here is my playlist that night:
Track 01: Gustling leaves 
Track 02: Sound of Waves
Track 03: Gecko's sound underneath the floor or at the ceiling?
 (I'm not sure, I didn't dare to look for it)

It was a nice experience being with the nature and away from the unwanted noise. It's a bit scary though knowing that you're the only one at the area. I peeked several times on the shore. 
"Buti nalang unknown walang white entities" (Haha!) I like to scare myself sometimes.

Few snaps outside the resort. 

When I am about to leave, the rain poured that morning. Great!
But it was a blessing in disguise, though. I got the chance to chitchat with the owner of the resort. She is living at the island for years already and she said that she's enjoying it. She told about her life before she decided to retire and put up a resort for those people who wanted to be one with nature. It's nice to hear personal stories of random people. 

After an hour and just as the rain stopped, The Kuya that will take me  to the jeepney terminal arrived. I asked him if we could drop by at the Old Spanish Light house. 

For the love of abandoned places

The Kuya just waited for me outside because he needs to look after his motorcycle. 
I'm roaming around the area. I was not scared at first until I passed by a house with rosaries on the doors. I am like "Oh no! are those rooms possessed? Meh.  I'll just continue walking." 

Here are some snaps of the old light house. 

Afternoon of 24 August 2015, I went back to Iloilo. 
New adventure awaits. 

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  1. Hahaha, dalian mo daw ang pag akyat at delikado! Cool Sar!!! stig ng manual!

    1. Hulaan ko, yung bata ang kumuha ng pic mo dun sa nakatalikod?

    2. Haha yun pala yun. akala ko bawal talaga umakyat eh

    3. Ay hindi, Haz. Nakalapag lang yung camera sa lupa. Naka-timer. hahaha

  2. So in love with the film effects. It's like being in an old movie lang. <3.<3

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

    1. Hi Mimi! I'm glad that you appreciate the photos :)