Annual August Adventure 2015: 2 of 3

September 06, 2015

24-26 August 2015
The City

It was already 3:30 pm when I went back to Iloilo. I haven't found any accommodation yet. Felt like a legit backpacker that time. (haha!) So while having my late lunch around 3:30 PM, I tried to search for low cost inn. Good thing there is a pension house nearby and the room is just 500 per night- a major factor to consider. 

Since it is already late and I'm too tired, I decided to explore the place the next day. 
Plus, I need to make an itinerary so that I can maximize my time. 

Here is the route that I've taken.
 I was able to go through all these by their efficient public transportation. 

Don't you love navigating through the map? 
The red dot on the map is the location of the Ong Bun Pension house- the place where I've stayed. 

First Stop: Miagao

I left the Pension House at Ledesma St. around 6:30 AM. Rode a jeepney going to Mohon Terminal and then transferred again to jeepney going to Miagao. I arrived at the town around 8:00 AM. I love how peaceful the town is. It is kinda similar to Coron.

 Miagao Church appreciation photos. 

I refuse to take interior photos because there's a funeral service on-going inside. 

P.S. I love how spacious their jeepneys are. :)

Second: Camina Balai nga Bato in Mohon

Going back to Iloilo City, you will pass by the this century old house in Mohon. 

Below is the Dining area located at the Second Floor. I stayed here for an hour while enjoying the Tsokolate. Ang presko kasi eh. 

"Dahil walang kasamang kumuha ng litrato, aasa nalang ako sa mga salamin"

Third: Molo 

It's good to see that Plazas in this province are utilized at every time of the day. 
This one was during morning. 

Molo Church: A Feminist Church. 

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