Annual August Adventure 2015: 3 of 3

September 06, 2015

From Molo, I went back to Ledesma St. where I took my lunch and then rode a jeepney again going to Plaza Libertad.

Fourth: Plaza Libertad

Fifth: Calle Real

Few meters away the Plaza Libertad is the Calle Real which is know as the J.M Basa st. today. It's like the Old Manila of Iloilo but a cleaner version. Sorry.

I walked around the area around past 2:00PM in the afternoon. What a wise decision to make, Sarah. This is why I prefer going solo, I might decide on things that I bet nobody would wanted to do. 
I'm just trying to maximize my time. (Haha!)

Sixth: Jaro
Hopped on another jeepney going to Jaro. 

Casa Mariquit

An Art Deco building

Looks like someone would come out of that balcony any time. 
I got so curious with this abandoned house even still from afar. The gate is open so I went in the yard (sort of). However, I decided not to go inside the house. Someone might suddenly appear and next thing I know, I am already in a real life horror film. Interesting, though.

Last Stop: Esplanade
A river, a walking path, greenery and sunset = best way to end the day. 
I'm so glad to see the community enjoying this public amenity.

It stretches from Diversion road to Carpenters Bridge. Yes, I tried traversing it. It's a good way to "people-watch", I guess. I find it funny though that at both ends of the Esplanade, you can see the signages of Jollibee. Good markers, eh?

That ends my photowalk / people-watching / mass transport system observation. 
New learning experiences make Sarah a happy human being (am I?). 

Looking forward to the next! 

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