Little Red Dot // 1 of 2

November 26, 2015

Nope, this isn't going to be like any other travel post. You won't find sharp photos of iconic stuff  (the web has tons of that, google search is always available) so if that's what you're expecting, you still have time to close this window. 

Oh wow! you're still here! are you ready listen to my stories? No? Okay. I'll still continue.

Let's start. 

4th of November

I arrived at the airport around 12:45 AM. Buses and Trains were not available by that time so I have to take the last resort- CAB (The frugal in me is crying) My hostel is located at Ann Siang Hill in Chinatown Area. I like how accessible it is from key points- and by key points I mean, MRT and Bus Station. The only thing I'm quite uncomfortable with is it's within the clubs. 

A street adjacent to this is called Club street. And yes, the name says a lot about the area. 

Below is the photo of it during its chill mode. 

Imagine passing through this street on a Friday night, an entire stretch of bars- deafening sounds on every establishment, tables were outside with full of people, they were moving from one place to another, hearing conversation in different languages (diversed city, right?). 
A nightmare for an introvert. 
Did I mentioned that my hostel is located at the dead end of that street. 
It drained the remaining pinch of energy in me. 
Oh, good times. 

The Red Dot Design Museum is also within the vicinity. 
Hello from the desaturated Christmas colors!

Scenes from within the vicinity

 I  love in this country is their walking and cycling culture. 
Let's make it happen, Philippines. I'm still hopeful!

So, anyone interested with my itinerary?

5th November

Woke up at 6am. 
Me: Okay, where will I go today? 
*checks itinerary*
Oh, wait. I don't have any. 
I'll just go to Nanyang for Architectural Appreciation :))

(More photos on IG, though)

From Ann Siang Hill, I looked for an MRT Station- Green Line to get to Pioneer Station. From there, I took the Campus Rider (It's free!) going to NTU. From there, I don't know anymore. Haha! 
Thanks to the local students who helped me locate buildings.

Spent my morning roaming around the university. Those free Campus buses are my best friend. 

Went back to the hostel for a break and check via net where to go next. 
Sar's next stroll route will be from Chinatown to Bugis. Below are the scenes along the way.


Haz and I decided to meet up that night. I still have time before meeting her so I went to a place to rest my dying feet. Best place to sit and read for free (without the guilt of not ordering something)- Public Library. I love that country! (Don't be jealous, PH.)

Took the MRT going to Redhill Station. After 8 months, I got to see Haz again!!!
Dinner + Kwento + Walking around Orchard. We stopped at Plaza Singapura. It feels like we're just in PH (in context of spending late nights together). 

Next Day

6th November 

From hostel, I walked all the way to Tiong Bahru. 

The area of Tiong Bahru is so laid back. White buildings of Residential and Indie shops. 

Taken inside a coffee shop. This is the first time I asked  a stranger for a photo. Good thing she's nice enough to pose. 

Inside Books Actually

See how laid back the area is? They have a couch in the playground. Hoho!

 I was planning to walk all the way to Alexandra Road. But it didn't happen. 

Continuation on the next post.


Hashtag is a helpful tool to organize your photos- why didn't I realize that before? 
I got to make use of those here: 

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