Little Red Dot // 2 of 2

November 26, 2015

Like what I have told you from the previous post, walking from Tiong Bahru to Alexandra Road did not happen because my feet failed me. 
Bus stops are my savior! They have route map and seats!

After going to The Interlace, my plan was to go to Gillman Barracks the Henderson Waves.
 And it did not happen, again. Haha! 

Here's what happened:
After having lunch, I walked towards The Interlace area then walk up at the Alexandra Bridge. 
The sign says that the trail will continue up to the Henderson Bridge. 
The feet says no so I decided to cut my trail-
A trail which apparently has few exit points. 

And finally, the exit!

This stairs will lead to an apartment area along Depot Road. 

And at last, I can drink. Thank God for local hawkers.

I just have to take a photo of this because Power Puff Girls! To Haz and Ag (I know you're going to see this) Look! it's a sign that we have to reunite. 

Rode a bus that will take me back to Alexandra Road so I can still manage to drop by at the Gillman Barracks. Gillman Barracks is an Art compound composed of gallery blocks with curated contemporary pieces by local and international artists. 

Went back to hostel since I'm going to meet up again with Haz but with Niño this time (next level Third-wheeling!) We went to MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) at Red Dot Museum. It's a monthly event similar to Saturday Market at Escolta.  

7th November

Went to  Redhill to meet Haz at their office. I already checked out at hostel because I'm gonna stay at Bedok- where Haz is living- until the next day so it'll be near the Airport. 

We left the office at 1pm. 

On the way there, it rained. So lucky! -_-
But then I realized after, maybe raining that day isn't that bad after all because we got to take good reflection photos :)

Because of my love for Haikyo (Japanese term for ruins and abandoned places), visiting Istana Woodneuk became a must.

Instana Wooneuk is an abandoned mansion which is a gift of a Sultan to his wife. 
We've read on some posts that there's a plan to tear the mansion down. So when we got on the area, we found portions of concrete on sacks. We  actually thought that those were the torn down parts of the mansion. The group of teens that we are following went back to the route right away. So it added up to our conclusion. 
Not until they said: "Are you going to Istana, too? 
We think we have to take the other way (paraphrased)".
What a relief!

By the way, the trail starts from an obscured path beside the Holland Road Bus Stop. 

So here's the exterior of the mansion. It  has already been eaten by nature. The right portion on the photo is the location of the entrance. 

After Istana Woodneuk, we went to Clark Quay then to Marina Bay.
We talk about life over Satay by the Bay (Ha!). I seriously had fun that day. From office to a little hike to soul searching inside a Haunted house to chill and Ice cream by the river to sight seeing at the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands and finally to a life talk with a close friend.
And with that, I awarded the 6th of November 2015 "The Most Diverse Day". I felt so versatile. P.S All that happened with a Backpack (Although Haz helped me with it) Haha!

That's it.
I bet only few of you have read the text. :))

So, how many "walk" word have you found on my posts? :)

'Til the next walking adventure.


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  1. Beautiful photos! Now this made me want to go out and just take a bunch of photos as well. :)