Step Two

January 23, 2016

The design of the spreads is inspired by look of my blog (see the resemblance?).
I intended it to look minimal as much as possible- but some of the sheets that have a bulk of rendered images won't let me do it. Despite that, I'm still happy with the result. For the colors- B&W +Autumn scheme A.K.A Sarah's favorite colors. Presenting yourself through colors. 

I've been working on this for two weeks (with "Modern Family" breaks on the side). The last time I've updated my portfolio was 3 years ago- for my first employment- which I never showed during the interview. 

If you want to visit the online portfolio, I already added a tab on my navigation bar in this blog
(Yes, up there! You see?)
and also here:

P.S better to check it out on tablet and desktop version. 
The mobile version messed up the kerning (Meh.) 

There you go, I'm off to look for possible companies that will accept me as I am.
(that doesn't sound like the search for employment)
I'm hoping to land on a job by first week of February.
Wish me luck, people. 

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