Lost in the crowd: The sequel

July 09, 2016

T h r e e   m o n t h s   l a t e r . .

Morning walks.  Dinner convos.  Honesty hour.  After work hangouts.  Late night bus rides.  City lights.  New clique and colleagues.  Shifting environment.  Side hustles. Spontaneity. Independence.

Life is now in equilibrium. Everything seems falling into place. Things that I have been asking for are starting to happen.

I am happy and it scares the shit out of me.
Happiness became an unfamiliar thing that when I started to experience it again, I kinda feel uneasy about it. Like I keep questioning how long these great things will last.

But what the hell, right?
You're afraid that it could be just a cycle? So what. You've been through tough times, you'll be able to get through it again. Because, that's how life works.
Unpredictable? Yes. Scary? Yes.
But that what makes it more interesting.
Listen, Just seize the moment. 
You keep on telling  people to live in the present.
Practice what you preach, kid! 


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